Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science -- Track: Comparative Politics

The structure of the PhD program in Political Science is based on a system of ‘tracks’ (areas of specialization, or ‘majors’). The tracks represent academic fields/sub-fields or research areas that reflect the major strengths and interests of our faculty.

The doctoral school offers five specializations based on a system of  ‘tracks’:


Title Instructor Credit
Authoritarianism Matteo Fumagalli 2.0
Brownbag Workshop on Coding Bruno Castanho Silva 0.0
Constituent Power Nenad Dimitrijevic 4.0
Critical Approaches to the Study of Nationalism Michael Laurence Miller
András László Pap
Critical Security Studies Paul Roe 4.0
Electoral clientelism and corruption Isabela Mares 2.0
Fundamental Ideas in Network Science János Kertész 4.0
Graphical Modeling Tamas Rudas 2.0
International Relations Theory Alexander Astrov 4.0
JustData - University Wide Course Miklós Koren
Arieda Muço
Chrys Margaritidis
Jozsef Martin, Transparency International Hungary)
Roberta Sinatra
Karoly Boroczky
Liberty, Globalisation, and Tax Justice Philip Goff 2.0
Methods and Research Design Erin Jenne 4.0
Modern Multivariate Analysis Tamas Rudas 2.0
Philosophy of Science: Core Contemporary Issues Maria Kronfeldner 2.0
Political Authority and Obligation Janos Kis 4.0
Political Institutions Matthijs Bogaards
Andres Moles
Political Sociology and Political Economy Laszlo Bruszt
Zsolt Enyedi
Prospectus Seminar Gabor Toka 2.0
Public Policy and Public Administration Agnes Batory
Evelyne Hübscher
Research in European and Global Governance Daniel Large
Uwe Puetter
Survey Methodology Tamas Rudas 2.0
Text Analysis Across Disciplines: Text Mining Boot Camp Levente Littvay
Jessie Labov
The International Politics of Development Kristin Makszin 4.0
The Political Economy of Regime Change Laszlo Bruszt
Inna Melnykovska
Theory of Justice Janos Kis 2.0
Understanding neo-nationalism: theories, concepts and methodologies Szabolcs Pogonyi 2.0
War Andres Moles 2.0
Worldly Philosophers of Capitalism, Democracy and Development Béla Greskovits 4.0