Stanislas Richard

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Political Science
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Stanislas Richard holds an undergraduate degree “Licence” in Political Science from University of Lyon (France) with an exchange year at the University of Hong Kong, and a Master of Science in Political Theory from the London School of Economics. After a short period in the corporate world, he enrolled at CEU Doctoral School of Political Science in 2016.
A long time ago he wanted to be an anthropologist, but never completed the degree in anthropology (also universite de Lyon) that would have allowed him to achieve this dream.

Stan's primary research interests are the liberal theories of exploitation and the just price. He is particularly interested in how liberalism understands exploitation and how this understanding is articulated with its theoretical presuppositions.
His secondary interests include the methodology of political theory - yes, there is such a thing - and history of political thought from the French Revolution to 1945 (especially history of conservatism).

Stan was born in Paris, and has French and Polish dual citizenship. In his free time, he is a hiker and a fencer, and his dearest dream is to play elephant polo.


Licence en Science Politique, Université Lyon 2 Lumière
Master of Science in Political Theory, London School of Economics