Renira Corinne Angeles

Year of Enrollment: 
2011 to 2017
Departmental Affiliation: 
Political Science
Job Market Availability: 

Renira is a PhD candidate in political economy. Her doctoral project examines the political causes and consequences of economic inequality with a focus on CEO Pay across advanced democracies. Renira was chair of the Political Economy Research Group (PERG) 2014/2015 academic year.

Thesis submitted 30. November, 2017
Defense due: April 2018

Research interests:
- comparative political economy
- government partisanship and economic policy making
- economic and political inequality
- democracy and capitalism
- econometrics and other quantitative research methods

Other research interests:
- history of the politics in economic policy making


“The Political Struggle about a Maximum Wage and Labour’s Role in Moderating Executive Compensation in Advanced Economies” (with Prof. Achim Kemmerling) (R&R, third round, Socio-Economic Review)

“The Global Diffusion of Inequality: US Multinationals as Exporters of the Winner-Take-All-Economy” (with Prof. Jonathan Hopkin, and Dr. Lukas Linsi)

“From CEO Pay to Inequality in Political Contribution? ”

“Shifts in Market Regulation, Social Democrats and Top Incomes in Sweden ”


M.Sc. Political Economy, BI Norwegian Business School
B.Sc. Political Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
University of California, Berkeley

Dissertation Topic