Matteo Fumagalli

Associate Professor
Vigyazo Ferenc u. 2
+36 1 327 3000 x2219


Matteo joined the department in 2007. He was awarded his PhD from the University of Edinburgh in 2005. Before joining CEU, Matteo worked at University College Dublin (Ireland), the University of Edinburgh and St Andrews University in the UK. Matteo’s interests include contentious authoritarianism; ethnicity, nationalism and diaspora politics; and the politics of natural resources. His interests cover the post-Soviet space (especially Central Asia) and East Asia (especially Myanmar and South Korea).
Research: His recent and forthcoming publications include articles in Democratization (2017 forthc.), Electoral Studies (2016), East European Politics (2016), the Journal of Eurasian Studies (2016), the International Political Science Review, Europe-Asia Studies, Ethnopolitics, Central Asian Survey, and Osteuropa. 
Matteo is working on the following projects: 1) taking partly-free voters seriously: Elections, Government Spending and Regime Stability in Georgia and Armenia (funded by the Swiss Caucasus Academic Network; with CRRC, Tbilisi and Yerevan); 2) At home abroad? Exit, voice and loyalty among Central Asia's ethnic minorities; 3) Growing inter-Asian connectedness: South Korea's quest for natural resources and export markets in Central Asia (funded by the Academy of Korean Studies); 4) Aid and rising powers in the global south (Myanmar). 
Teaching: At CEU Matteo teaches courses on Comparative Authoritarianism, Transnational Environmental Politics, Central Asia,  and post-Soviet politics. Matteo has a keen interest in the pedagogical value of experiential learning and that of technological innovation, which he adopts in CEU's online learning programs (online and blended). 
Outreach: He has been engaged in projects on research and teaching capacity-building in Myanmar (Yangon and Mandalay) since 2013.
Matteo has been the Director of the CEU Asia Research Initiative (ARI) since 2009.
Matteo is on sabbatical leave during the 2016/17 AY.


PhD, University of Edinburgh

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