Political Science PhD alumna - Renata Kralikova - works for MESA10

September 23, 2016

MESA10 is an independent think tank, non-governmental, non-profit organization. Its name denotes an abbreviation of Macro Economic and Social Analyses and symbolizes its 10 founders. 
Since its founding in 1992, MESA10 champions individual liberty, free market economy and a government of limited powers. It promotes private initiative, individual rights, democratic principles and values such as free competition, equality of chances, free enterprise, openness of the economy and inviolability of private ownership. 

Renata has 20 years of experience working on higher education (HE) policy and more recently on education policies in general. She works for the “Learning Makes Sense” project at MESA10 as a project manager and senior researcher in the field of higher education and research conducted at higher education institutions.

read more: http://mesa10.org/our-team/renata-kralikova/

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