Public Administration

Course Description: 

This course is a review of government reform and modernization efforts. The course focuses on the issues and practices related to public sector reform such as the old and new public management, public value and policy design. It will addresses core issues surrounding the concept of bureaucracy, the context of public administration and some of the core functions of public sector management where the ‘public sector’ has evolved and expanded from government bureaucracy to include other domains of public activity and administration. 

The course outlines the complexity of the tasks before public administrators and the tensions between different notions of good practice and efficiency. We will begin with discussion on the nature of public administration and governance alongside the increasingly blurred frontiers of the public sector, then move to organization theory and the effects of government structure on executive behavior. We will also examine the “people” side of government organizations and leadership in organizations. 

Part A of Public Administration is worth 2 credits. 

Part B of Public Administration – which will run in the Winter Semester – is also worth 2 credits. Part 2 will be with Dr Achim Kemmerling.

It is necessary to complete both Part A and Part B to fulfill the requirements of the course. 

Learning Outcomes: 

The objective is to help you think, act, communicate and cooperate in fast moving and fluid public sector environments.

1. Evaluate administration of policies.

2. Compare and contrast effective versus non-effective leadership and management;

3. Identify the public sector as a rapidly changing environment.


Seminar Chair: 40%                 Allocations in first week
Essay:  60%                 Due 5.00pm 20th December 2016